Fair Hearing

If you do not agree with the caseworker’s decision, you can ask for further explanation.

If you still disagree, you can appeal the decision to the Fair Hearing Authority. The Fair Hearing Authority is appointed by the City Council upon recommendation by the City Manager.  No member of the hearing committee will have participated in the initial decision on your request for assistance.


The current Fair Hearing Authority is Assistant City Manager Travis Roy.


You must request the hearing in writing within 5 working days after receiving your decision. After you made a request, a hearing will be scheduled within 5 working days. You may be represented at the hearing by an attorney at your own expense. You should be prepared to explain why you think you are eligible for assistance. You will have the right to tell your side of the story and also question witnesses. You will receive a written decision from the Fair Hearing Authority no later than 5 working days after the hearing. If you are dissatisfied with the Fair Hearing Authority’s decision, you have 30 days to appeal to Superior Court.