The City of Old Town has several areas for you to enjoy green space, walking trails, boat landings and playgrounds. Here are a few:

Sewall Park
Located on outer Poplar Street, this park contains a multipurpose field, a boat landing, drinking water access, and restroom facilities. Also, a great place to enjoy piece and quiet while canoeing or fishing on Mud Pond. Areas of the park can be reserved for family reunions, or other functions. Sewall Park was gifted to the people of Old Town, in memory of James W. and Louise G. Sewall, from their children. Sewall Park is our city's "hidden gem", so take full advantage of it's natural offerings.

Riverfront Park
Riverfront Park is located on North Main Street.  The Park borders the beautiful and historic Penobscot River and includes a playground, a water splash pad, trail system, and a picnic area with a comfort station. The park is one of our nicest showcase areas for use by people of all ages.

Peace Pole Park
Peace Pole Park is located in the center of town at the corner of Center and Main Street. Although a small park, it has a small landmark encouraging peace and love for all who live or pass through our community. The park has a large amount of trees and a few park benches for passer-by.

Perkins Avenue Park
Located on Perkins Avenue, the park borders the Leonard Middle School sport complex. New playgrounds are being replaced this spring in time for summer fun. The park includes parking, areas for informal leisure like Frisbee and basketball.

Treat-Webster Park
Treat-Webster Island Park (a.k.a. "French Island") is also receiving a new "facelift". The playground installation will be completed by late spring in time for summer use. The park is within walking distance for most French Islanders and will provide a quiet getaway for park users.

Coombs Park
Located on upper Stillwater Avenue, Coombs Park provides a beautiful place for informal leisure time. The park, adopted by the Shop N Save, has colorful floral gardens and lots of shady trees for a summer time nap or your favorite book. Frisbee, hacky sack, and sunbathing are some of Coombs Park past attractions.

On April 16th 1906 James W. Coombs and Marie A. Coombs gave the area now known as Coombs Park (Stillwater) to the citizens of Old Town.  The area was described much as it would be today with the exception being that Franklin Street was formerly called Mill Street, Spring Street was formerly called Silver Street and Stillwater Avenue at this point was formerly called Bridge Street.
The city paid $2.00 and other considerations.  There is more information about the transfer and requirements for upkeep in the deed.  This is available should anyone care to read the details.
Also the city wading pool for the Stillwater area children was located in this park until a new one was built on the grounds of the present Herbert Sargent School.

Many area people call the park Stillwater Park but it is very clear that the intent of the deed and transfer of ownership insists that the name be Coombs Park as the present sign denotes.

Spencer Park
Located on No. Main Street at the junction of Stillwater Avenue and No. Main Streets.  There is a view of Indian Island and the dam at this location.   Bald eagles are often spotted in this area.  This park was named after long time city attorney, Beverly Spencer.

Binnette Park
Located in downtown Old Town along the Penobscot River.  There is a bandstand at this site and during the summer months there are free concerts by local bands.  The park was named after long time resident and state legislator Joseph Binnette.

Bike Path Trail System
All bike enthusiasts, walkers, joggers and in-line skaters will love to enjoy a scenic outing on our bike path. The path begins at the corner of Jefferson St. and Perkins Avenue and continues behind the Old Town Shopping Center and connects to the University of Maine trail system. Currently, the bike path will be extended to the shopping center in the near future. Stay tuned and enjoy a featured path connecting Old Town and Orono.

4th Street Park
Located on Fourth Street Extension, outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy many recreational opportunities. The boat ramp provides river access to the historic Penobscot River. In addition, the park offers a scenic view of the river for picnics, small family gatherings and quiet area for reading, painting or sunbathing. The North Fourth Street Trail starts next to the old Waterworks Building and continues following the river to behind Labree's Bakery. The trail continues by crossing over Gilman Falls Avenue and catching on to the Old Town Cross Country Trails which bring you behind Old Town High School. What a beautiful way to get some exercise and enjoy Old Town's natural beauty.

Old Town Boat Landing
Located on scenic Pushaw Lake, the Old Town Boat Landing provides boat access for fishing and recreational boating. The landing is located on Beechwood Avenue and has limited parking due to it being in a residential area.

Tennis Courts
The City of Old Town has two areas for recreational tennis: Old Town High School on Stillwater Avenue and Herbert Sargent School off the Bennoch Road. Both facilities are lighted for night-time tennis.

Outdoor Basketball Courts
All "hoopsters" can play pick-up basketball on outdoor courts at Old Town High School off Stillwater Avenue, Herbert Sargent School off Bennoch Road, and Perkins Avenue Park.

Come and Enjoy Our Parks!!