Finance FAQ's

What do I need to bring with me to register a vehicle?
For a re-registration, bring your previous registration and your current proof of insurance. For a new registration, bring manufacturer’s window sticker, sales tax paper, title application, and old registration if you are transferring plates.

Can I register my vehicle without a current proof of insurance? 
No, you need a current insurance card. If you do not have a current card, you will have to call your insurance company to have a card faxed to us at 827-3979.

Can someone else register my vehicle for me? 
Yes, except for a first-time registration which you must sign.

Can I transfer plates from my old car if I retain possession of the car? 
No, you must have traded or transferred the car to someone else.

What do I need to have to obtain a transfer station sticker? 
A current registration of the vehicle you will be taking to the Transfer Station. Vehicles must be registered in Old Town in order to get a residential sticker.

Do I have to purchase my hunting or fishing license in the municipality where I live? 
No, you can purchase them at any municipal office or select retail locations.