Bruce Stevens is the Pastor at the The Rock Church in Old Town and has been our Chaplain since July of 2006. There are times when Police Officers are called into situations where they sense a need for assistance of a spiritual situation would be helpful. Initial police assistance in many crisis situations is important but extended involvement keeps the Officer away from other urgent duties. For this reason, many law enforcement agencies appoint a Police Chaplain to assist officers in the performance of their duties. The Police Chaplain offers spiritual guidance and assistance to people in crisis situations. He also serves as a link of communication between people in crisis and their own spiritual adviser. If those who receive assistance ask for further help, the Chaplain will coordinate such follow-up guidance as necessary. The Police Chaplain is also to be an aid to Police Officers and citizens through a "servant ministry" of presence, spiritual guidance and comfort in times of crises. This includes putting people in contact with the appropriate agencies to help them. Police Officers may request the help of a Police Chaplain in situations involving spiritual or emotional problems rather than problems involving law violations.

A Police Chaplain may routinely provide help in areas such as:

  • Family Disturbances
  • Lonely and Despondent Persons
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Problems
  • Suicide Attempts
  • Death Notifications
  • Assist the Coroner in Notifying Individuals Who Have Lost a Family Member
  • Pastoral Care and Guidance for Police Officers and Their Families
  • Spiritual Assistance to Crime Victims, Injured Persons and Family